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APU Savings Calculator

Aspen Diesel or ComfortPro Electric
. . . It Makes Cents!

  • Fuel Savings:  Save nearly a gallon of fuel per hour, compared to idling the truck engine.
  • Reduced Tractor Idling: Extends service intervals while also reducing wear and tear on the engine.
  • Reduced After-treatment Maintenance:  Lower engine idling hours.   
  • Regulatory Compliance:  Minimizes the risk of costly fines associated with anti-idling regulations and simplifies compliance.
  • Driver Retention and Comfort: Air conditioning, Assists truck with increased hotel load, Heat, Cab power, Engine warming, Truck battery charging, Optional shore power

APU Savings Estimate

Use this calculator to estimate your annual savings with a Carrier Transicold APU installed by Quality Services. Every driver is different, so adjust the settings to match your needs and watch the savings pile up. Please note that these calculations are just estimates. Consult Quality Services for a more detailed analysis of your potential savings.

Savings Per Day

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Savings Per Month

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Savings Per Year

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Payback (Months)

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5-year Savings

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    John O'Halloran

    Carrier Transicold Specialist