Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance- It’s more than just a good idea…..

The most important shop activity is preventative maintenance. These inspections, with follow-up repairs, eliminate most mechanical breakdowns. The correlation between regular PM’s and reduced operating costs is unmistakable. The key is to have trained professional and certified technicians inspecting and performing only the repairs needed to keep your vehicle operating safely and efficiently.

Performing Preventative Maintenance will:

  • Extend the life and reliability of your vehicle.
  • Increase your overall uptime.
  • Reduce expenses related to breakdown repair.
  • Maintain D.O.T. compliance.
  • Decrease total operating cost.

We know your vehicle needs serviced before you do…

Be a part of the most sophisticated computer tracking system available in the transportation business. Quality Services’ system tracks, in detail, the real cost of running a truck. This information gives you an advantage in making your business more efficient.

  • Next scheduled D.O.T. Inspection.
  • Required scheduled maintenance.
  • Annual vehicle cost report.
  • Upcoming repairs, to help budget your costs and downtime.

Automated tracking and analysis gives you the information needed to pinpoint exact expenses and make informed judgements.

Preventative Maintenance programs from Quality Services will:

  • Increase driver retention and satisfaction.
  • Eliminate D.O.T. violations
  • Reduce unexpected road repairs.
  • Diminish unplanned delays.
  • Keep  your vehicle in safe operating condition.

Quality Services helps you take the hassle out of going to the shop by providing Pick up and delivery, Courtesy cars, Space to park your trailer.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Quality Services Preventative Maintenance Program will help you increase uptime and reduce cost per mile by improving truck efficiency and productivity. The program works like this:

  • Quality Services will request a mileage reading from you each month.
  • Mileage will be logged into our Vehicle Expense Reduction system and compared with manufacturer’s recommendations for inspection and service.
  • Quality Services will perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection and repair items that have been authorized by you. If additional problems are identified, you will be advised prior to repairs being made.
  • A detailed history of all repairs performed on your vehicle will be maintained in our computer system, along with Year-to-date and Life-to-date cost analysis.
  • Ask your Quality Services representative for details on this program.